Ambition of the Eight is a massively multiplayer top-down fighting game. Fight up to 12 other players on one PC with precision melee combat and control the power ups that spawn on the map to dominate your opponents.

Current Features:
- Arena Mode - 12 players can enter on one PC for single screen party mayhem.
- Slayer and Team Slayer Modes
- Weapons include a variety of Swords, Pikes, Bows and Bombs
- Precision based melee and ranged combat!

Future Features:
- Light RPG elements - Collect and offer the spirits of the defeated to improve your character’s speed, strength, stamina, or health
- More weapons including Axes, Hammers, Katana, Magic and more - all with unique functions and properties
- Magic Stacking - Cast spells with your team members for new and more powerful spells.
- Maps - A variety of stages in unique locations and special features.
- Technical abilities such as evading and parrying
- Game modes including Capture the Flag, Elimination, Oddball, party game types and more
- Conquest game mode - Two clans fight for victory to proceed to the next screen. The team to reach their enemy’s side of the stage first - wins.
- Battlefield Mode - Up to 8 players can split screen on one console to fight in a hardcore mode that pits your skills against your friends.
- Battle Royale Mode - Spawn with nothing and search the map for equipment and items - seeking to conquer the Totems of the other clans to prevent them from respawning.
- LAN and ONLINE play with even more players!
- Profiles that track stats and unlock visual achievements
- Customizable character options, game types and maps!
- Co-op Survival Mode

My goal with Ambition of the Eight:
I want to make a beautiful go to multiplayer experience for people who enjoy games in groups and give players a reason to get together for a LAN party. I believe I can do that with Ambition of the Eight’s easily accessible presentation and technical depth that will keep players coming back for more. I plan to include a variety of game modes that allow people to play at parties or at tournaments - whatever the mood!

Video Updates on game development progress.