I'm Anthony Pismarov, a 2D art generalist.   The work I produce primarily consists of
developing designs for characters and environments for video games, painting backgrounds, animating 2D game art, illustrating sci-fi and fantasy scenes, and story boarding.

At 21 years I began studying art at Erie Community College.  I transferred to the University at Buffalo to achieve a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at 24.  Within that time I was finding freelance work while in school, creating background paintings and concept designs for clients in game development and film.  As I completed my BFA in Painting, I was offered a position as an adjunct professor in Daemen College's animation program.  I remained at Daemen College teaching in the fine art, illustration and animation programs for 4.5 years while pursuing freelance work and developing personal projects. 

Since graduating, I've continued to educate myself through different online courses and various workshops.  I've attended Art Mentors courses with Mark Westermoe to hone in on my figure drawing capabilities and attuned my drawing process to that of the Reilly Method style of drawing.  Art Mentors is also where I also expanded my knowledge of visual development for film in Bill Perkins' course.  As I learned more about the Reilly Method, I was introduced to Jeff Watt's online program, and committed myself to his methods to develop my art sensibilities.  

At the beginning of 2018, I began learning how to write code using Game Maker 2 Studio.  Designing and developing my own games has always been on my map of ambitions.  For the past few years I've worked on designing new games and developed many prototypes.  Using that experience, I am designing and developing a game where I can compound my experience with game design, storytelling, animation, visual development, and fine art.

If you're interested in working with me, I can provide solutions for:
- Visual Development using images to sell an idea or tell a story.
- Game Design Documents to organize a game idea into a cohesive visual pitch.
- Fantasy and Science Fiction illustration, including fine art, book covers, album art, etc.
- 2D Character Designs for animation, top-down, isometric, or 3D games.
- Environment Design with visual meaning.
- Background painting for games or animation.  
- Storyboarding and Layout for Film and Animation.

I am currently located in Toluca Lake, California, and am available to work remotely.
If you'd like to get in contact with me:
email: anthonypismarov@gmail.com

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